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Jerk Off For Me
Our goddesses are hot and know exactly how to control your cock. They can tease a guy so bad that he has no choice but to have a violent explosive orgasm. Taken to the edge over and over so that just blowing on your cock makes you cum.
At DailyMasturbationInstructions you'll expericence all kinds of masturbation instructions. You may have forced jerkoffs where you must cum over and over until you are completely drained dry.
brit instructs

Jerk that cock

Do exactly as I say.

Listen To My Instructions
I Tease Your Cock
jerk off for me

Jerkoff Or Your Fired

Your boss at work is not happy with your report.

Under Pressure

JerkOff To My Arse

I will instruct you how to Jerkoff whilst worshiping my arse.

Arse JerkOff